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This site is dedicated to the Herstik family. As a digitally aware family we have skills in web-development, multi-media & video editing, server design & maintenance as well as experience in dealing with computers used for home & office purposes.
This is a bit of testing & a playground for code etc that is needing a home.

Twitter feed test

THis is a test of the twitter feed code

Last Updated : 10/9/2004


If you would like to go to Marcus' website ... please take a peek
This is where Marcus' keeps his drivel. The worthless & endless crap that the internet seems to attract.

Gus & Josie

There is no website for them personally, at the present time.
Gus is involved with a ski group. If you would like to go to their site... Perisher Blue Masters Assoc.

Other Sites

If you are looking for Mike Herstik - International K9. Here is his Detection Dogs website.

Here is a website for a friends business


He does custom-built woodwork, specialising in innovative designs using recycled & environmentally aware mateials.

Check out IMAGines website
Rob is a talented writer with a few things to say.


WEBMAIL is now available.
Old webmail is still there as well.
If you have a username & password for "" then you can use it.

Coming Soon

My Products

I am able to start connecting people to ADSL as a reseller - this means I have worked out what I believe to be a good deal with an ADSL service provider. For further details .

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